9 Weirdly Effective Hacks for Hair Growth

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At one point or another, our beauty resolutions have included treating our hair more nicely with the hopes of encouraging it to grow. There are a handful of habits, like drinking water and using supplements, that can reportedly make this happen over time, but we’re all guilty of pining after anything that will give us instant results… or something close to it.

YouTube and Reddit are constantly populated with what we can only describe as weirdly effective hacks you would probably have to think over before taking the plunge. Most involve products that you would use in other parts of your life, so in that lies some familiarity, but we’d still encourage researching each one if you’re interesting in trying. Ahead are nine unusual hair growth methods that the internet can’t seem to stop talking about.

Vicks VapoRub as an Edge Stimulator

This topical gel is our go-to for congestion or a bad cough, but according to thousands YouTubers, it also stimulates hair follicles, thus leading to growth. It’s also recommended that you massage the scalp after applying to promote further stimulation. Experts have yet to co-sign this method, but word of mouth says the results are legit.

Inversion Method

Many believe this method, which is basically a fancy way to say “hang your head upside down,” also promotes hair growth inches. It is believed that positioning yourself in this manner for a few times a day encourages an increased blood flow to the head, which in turn helps the hair follicle to reach its maximum potential for growth.

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Shaving Off Edges

Are your convinced that your thinning edges are past the point of no return? If you’re completely fed up, start over and shave them. According to many beauty vloggers, this is a time-consuming, but ultimately effective way to create a healthy environment where your strands can grow back longer and stronger than ever.


It’s also believed that parts of placenta–the organ that connects a growing baby to its mother’s womb–can also help your hair to grow longer. And if you don’t have direct access to it, brands are now infusing it directly into their products so you don’t have to jump through hoops to get it.

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Wearing a Shower Cap to Bed

If you’ve ever gotten a deep condition at the hair salon, then you’re already adept to the benefits of heat on freshly washed strands. Well, if you don’t have time for an appointment with a professional, some bloggers recommend simply sleeping with your shower cap on to trap the heat inside your strands and ultimately, leave you with stronger strands that can grow more quickly.

Monistat 7

According to ESSENCE, many women attribute the anti-fungal cream’s active ingredient, Miconazole nitrate, with stimulating hair follicles so that they can grow at a faster rate. Most women are mixing the cream with an oil and using as a nightly treatment before bed.

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Cayenne Pepper

Although there are now products infused with this spicy kitchen ingredient, it is believed that mixing it in its purest form with an oil is the secret to lengthening your strands. The tingling sensation you’ll feel is said to encourage increased blood flow to the root of hair follicles. But if you have sensitive skin, this probably isn’t the best option.

Scalp Massages

Although we rarely turn down a body massage, our scalp usually flies under the radar. Like all of the products we’ve mentioned thus far, simply rubbing your head a couple times a day also promotes blood circulation and ultimately, more active hair follicles.

Baking Soda as Shampoo

Besides removing product buildup, it is also believed that this cleanser’s antibacterial properties are so strong, that it promotes hair growth relatively quicker than its all natural counterparts. Keep in mind that it’s also been tied to hair loss, so even if you don’t have sensitive skin, consult with a dermatologist before switching out your go-to shampoo.

Are you game enough to try any of these?

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