Elle Fanning Brilliantly Recovered From a Wardrobe Malfunction

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Fall fashion is upon us, but Elle Fanning‘s latest wardrobe mishap is convincing us that trench coats, cute as they are, may not be the best outfit choice this season—at least if you’re planning to wear not much underneath. On Thursday, the 19-year-old actress suffered a major wardrobe malfunction when a gust of wind blew up her trench coat, exposing her underwear. Luckily, Fanning quickly recovered, like the boss she is.

The mishap occurred as Fanning was filming a scene for an as-of-yet untitled  Woody Allen film outside the Plaza Athenee Hotel in New York City. For the scene, Fanning kept things minimal with damp hair, nude flats, and a shin-length trench coat that she basically wore as a dress.

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Sometime in the night, as Fanning made her way down the street for the scene, a powerful gust of wind blew up her trench coat and exposed the actress’s colorful pair of floral underwear. Like the professional she is, Fanning laughed off the moment and simply readjusted her coat to cover her derrière.

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It’s entirely possible that the whole mishap was concocted for the movie, in which case, kudos to Fanning for her natural reaction. But it’s also likely that Mother Nature got the best of her in the moment. Either way, when you’re a critic’s favorite actress like Fanning, a tiny peek at your underwear is NBD in the long run.

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