Kylie Jenner Debuts New Bob, Courtesy of Her BFF Jordyn Woods

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If you’ve seen “Life of Kylie,” you know that Jordyn Woods and Kylie Jenner are thick as thieves. The two go way back to their early teens and they have no filter with being their true, honest selves with one another. So, when we heard that the 20-year-old Kylie Cosmetics founder recruited one of her friends to hack off several inches off her hair, we knew she was going straight for Jordyn.

On Tuesday, Kylie Snapchatted a video of Jordyn taking off a significant chunk of her dark-brunette locks with none-other than kitchen scissors. Though the video didn’t show the actual hair transformation taking place, we were able to see the result: an adorable layered bob that fell right at Kylie’s shoulders.

In the video, Kylie teased her hairstylist, Andrew Fitzimons, for the impromptu hair change.

“Jordyn’s cutting my hair with some kitchen scissors. Andrew, if you’re watching this—what do you have to say, Jordyn?” Kylie said.

“Watch out. I’m coming for you!” Jordyn replied.

Jordyn cutting Kylie’s hair✂️ 11/21/17

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Jordyn cutting Kylie’s hair✂️ 11/21/17

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Minutes before posting the video, Kylie shared a snap of her long wavy locks. Fitzsimons also shared the same photo in memory of Kylie’s one-time long hair. “Long waves today on @KylieJenner before @JordynWoodshacked them off with the kitchen scissors ✂️😭✂️” Fitzsimons wrote in the caption.

Long waves today on @KylieJenner before @JordynWoods hacked them off with the kitchen scissors ✂️😭✂️

A post shared by Andrew Fitzsimons (@andrewfitzsimons) on

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Now, we weren’t born yesterday. Clearly, Fitzsimons was the one who styled Kylie’s wavy hair. And, considering that we don’t buy that Jordyn actually chopped her BFF’s hair with kitchen scissors, we think that Fitzsimons was either behind the bob the whole time or Kylie already had the cut and the long locks were merely extensions. TBH, it’s all a conspiracy at this point—much like the reality star’s rumored pregnancy.

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